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Top 15 Hair Color Ideas 2022

Top 15 Cool Hair Color


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With all of the trendy technicolor hair we are seeing actors, Pinterest and Instagram this season, blonde and brown almost look like revolutionary choices. But if you are prepared to taste the rainbow or only need to boost your natural colour, there has never been a better time to dip in and dye it. Let your true colors shine through, if these colours are whimsical My Little Pony pastels, glistening rose gold, sun-kissed highlights or rusty reddish.

With specialist hair colorists constantly perfecting ever better methods for providing you with a shade that is so that you, the possibilities are basically endless.

Split Hair color

The hair hashtag of this summer might be #splithair with all of the punky allure of Instagram killing it for this crazy appearance. The same as its name implies, split-dyed or “half and half” hair allows you to select two stunning colours. Would you dare?

Holiday Hair color

Not only another ombre, “holiday hair” is much more sun-kissed and subtle. Face-framing toffee highlights are all intended to make everybody wonder, “Who did she just get back from?”

Lilac Hair color

Now’s the opportunity to dive into pastels and nothing else may be more au courant than lilac. To get celeb inspo, look no farther than Katy Perry’s Grammys appearance or Jourdan Dunn’s purple ‘do at Coachella — we are obsessed with all the model’s silvery clean and purple roots.

Strawberry Blonde Hair color

Redheads are becoming all of the love at this time, so if you are trying to switch up your blonde haircuts or light brown hair, think about including a little bit of strawberry. Bring along a photo of Jessica Chastain or Bella Thorne into the salon and you can not shed

Mahogany Hair color

How can a brunette not desire hair that this sumptuous appearing? Mahogany is a glistening dark brown with earthy red undertones merely ideal for heating up your basic brownish colour this summer

Ash Gray Hair color

Perhaps only celebs along with the ultra stylish were braving grey hair earlier, but the granny fad is poised to go mainstream for 2015. Therefore, in the event that you’ve been filling your own hair inspiration plank with colours that are striped, there has never been a better time to go grey early. This ash grey color Provides you an instant edge and durable cool-girl cred

Ice White Hair color

Unleash your inner Scandinavian with a nearly white ‘do. More silvery than gold, but a color brighter than granny, ice white hair provides a completely new meaning to the word “freezing blonde”

Dark Blonde Hairstyle color

Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne are which makes it a fantastic time to become a dark blond hairstyle. Mousy no longer, this ashy colour is laid-back and very low maintenance

Blue-Black Hair color

Fess up, you have desired hair so black it is blue ever since you watched Pocahontas. For women with naturally black cubes, a navy blue wash or subtle stressing is an enjoyable way to look much more raven-haired without going goth

Bronde Hair color

No, that is not a typo — bronde is your true trade name for this “today it appears blonde, today it seems brownish” colour. Fantastic for in-between brunettes who desired proceed blond with no going brassy, this luminous design is the very best of both worlds.

Barely-There Pink Hair color

When January Jones debuted her “is it or is not it?” Pink hair that this spring, we all fell in love. Blondes can request Only a touch of petal pink lowlights to get this glow glow

Dark Sea Green Hair color

While everybody else is lightening up, go your own way using a dark sea green ‘do. The gem tone is a complex take on the wavy hair style

Short Ombre Hair color

You do not need to have long, cascading locks to stone an ombre ‘do — gradation is equally as attainable using a cluttered pixie or dull bobs. Additionally, the fast grow-out period for shorter hairstyles means you will have more chance to experiment with combinations of colors.

Copper Accents Hair color

Light up dark hair using copper-colored accents. Dip-dyed or emphasized throughout, these hot, metallic tones could be a baby step toward moving full ginger.

Green Buzz Hair color

Prepared to go green? We mean actually green — this vibrant buzz takes courage, but is guaranteed to make everybody green with jealousy.

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