How to Draw Braids on a Head TOP 7 Ideas

Braids On A Head-Flower-Braid-Hairstyle
Braids on a Head-flower-braid-hairstyle

How to Draw Braids on a Head

You can easily learn how to draw braids on a head by following these simple steps. The first thing you should remember when drawing braids is to use overlapping lines. When an object is placed in front of another object, its contour lines overlap. The same applies to a braid. When you draw a braid, the individual strands are represented by shading lines. The darker the shading lines are, the more natural it will look. In addition, the strands are much easier to draw if you reduce the light from their corners and the tops of their strands.

How To Draw Braids On A Head
How To Draw Braids On A Head

When drawing a braid, you need to use two types of pencils. One of these is the HB pencil, which will be the main pencil for the entire sketch. The other type of pencil is the 2B pencil. This one is used to shade areas of the drawing. You can also use the kneaded eraser to indicate individual hairs. This step is critical for a realistic braid. Then, you need to apply the final steps.

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