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How to Draw Braids on a Head TOP 7 Ideas

How to Draw Braids on a Head

You can easily learn how to draw braids on a head by following these simple steps. The first thing you should remember when drawing braids is to use overlapping lines. When an object is placed in front of another object, its contour lines overlap. The same applies to a braid. When you draw a braid, the individual strands are represented by shading lines. The darker the shading lines are, the more natural it will look. In addition, the strands are much easier to draw if you reduce the light from their corners and the tops of their strands.

How To Draw Braids On A Head
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When drawing a braid, you need to use two types of pencils. One of these is the HB pencil, which will be the main pencil for the entire sketch. The other type of pencil is the 2B pencil. This one is used to shade areas of the drawing. You can also use the kneaded eraser to indicate individual hairs. This step is critical for a realistic braid. Then, you need to apply the final steps.


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Next, you need to add the texture to your drawing. In order to make the braids look realistic, you should follow the direction of the hair pulling. When you are finished with the outline, draw the hair lines by inking over the pencil lines. It will take a bit of time, but the results will be worth it! In the end, your drawing will be realistic! And don’t forget to erase the pencil marks!

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Once you’re done with shading, you can add the hair to the braid. Start shading from the top section of the braid and work your way down. This will make your braids look more real. As the natural texture of hair makes it impossible to accurately draw hair, it is important to follow the same procedure for drawing your own. You can use the same technique for drawing a ponytail. You can also try adding beads or other embellishments to your braids.

Braids On A Head-Flower-Braid-Hairstyle
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The first two braids can be tricky to draw. The next two are easier to draw. Curved lines lead to the center curved line. Lastly, you need to make the ends of your braids look like beads. When drawing braids, you should pay attention to details and keep track of the curls. You can use a reference picture to draw your own hairstyle. The next step is deciding how to draw the curved lines.

Braids On A Head-Hairstyle
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The next step is to draw an outline of the braid. To draw a braid, draw two parallel vertical lines. The hair will be thicker near the top and become thinner as it goes down. You can freehand sketch the outline of the braid. Unlike drawing a head, it does not need to be perfectly straight, but it will help you get a better idea of the proportions of your hair. Then, you can begin shading the hair.

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The last step is to draw the hair on the bottom part of the braid. You can use your fingers to trace the lines on the paper, or use a ruler to trace the shapes. It is important to keep the proportions of the braids in mind. The bottom part should be wider than the top. The braid should be narrow at the top and narrower towards the bottom. This step will help you create a realistic and accurate illustration of the braid.

Hair Braids On A Head
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Once you have finished drawing the braid, you should also use a zigzag pattern to make the hair appear more realistic. After drawing the braids, you need to add more curved lines on the first point. Once you have drawn the base of the braid, you can add the details of the zigzag lines on the sides of the hair. Once you’ve completed the first step, you can begin the process of sketching braids.

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After you’ve sketched the overall shape of the braid, it’s time to draw the zigzag lines that make up the actual design of the braid. These lines are the most important part of drawing a braid. They should be connected in the middle. Then, you should use these lines to complete the contours. Once you’ve finished the zigzag, you’ll have a perfectly designed braid!

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