How To Do A Unicorn Hairstyle Tutorial

How to Do a Unicorn Hairstyle [BEST GUIDE]

How to Do a Unicorn Hairstyle

How To Do A Unicorn Hairstyle Tutorial
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How to Do a Unicorn Hairstyle? If you’re looking for a fun and festive way to dress up your hair, consider a unicorn hairstyle. This hairstyle is easy to create and comes in many different color combinations. Pink, purple, and blue shades work beautifully together. If you’re not quite sure where to start, watch Amanda Ozard’s tutorial for an ombre rainbow effect. You’ll also need bobby pins and a medium-sized styro foam cone.

Glamour Unicorn Hairstyle Tutorial
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First, the lightening process is essential. You should have an evenly-lighted hair before you can begin to apply the rainbow-colored makeup. This step may take several steps, but it’s worth the wait. The next step is coloring, and you want your hair to be as even as possible. This will take a while, so you’ll want to allow plenty of time for your stylist to apply the rainbow colors. The more colors you use, the more time it will take. This is important because you want the colors to stay crisp and defined.

Unicorn Hairstyle Tutorial Braided
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Firstly, you want to decide what colors you want to use. Obviously, you don’t want to go overboard, so pick a pastel pink or a light blue. You can also choose a vibrant red or purple if you’re feeling adventurous. Lastly, you can choose how to Do a Unicorn Hairstyle that has a lot of different shades. You should also consider what kind of hairstyle you’d like to create. There’s an ombre hairstyle that goes from blonde to bright pink.

How To Do A Unicorn Hairstyle
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Once you’ve decided on the color, you can begin the hair process. This style starts out as blonde and fades into a pink shade. Whether you’re going for a bright shade of pink or a cool pastel shade, the result will be magical. Once the color dries, you can continue to work on your hair and make sure it’s the right length. You can also add a faux hawk behind your horn to complete the look.

Unicorn Hairstyle Colors
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After choosing your colors, you can add some details to your unicorn hairstyle. For example, you can use bright pink hairspray to give your hair a unique look. The horn and mane can be painted or colored to look like a unicorn. The horn can be in bright pink, or dark pink. Once you’ve chosen the color, you can work on a ponytail,  braid in the back of your head or weave Braids with curls.

Bright Unicorn Hairstyle Colors
Bright Unicorn Hairstyle Colors © ©

Once you’ve chosen your colors, you can add highlights to the hair to make it stand out. To make your hair look more vibrant, you should use a pink spray or gel on your hair. For a more dramatic look, you can opt to use bright pink and purple spray to create a gradient. Using a rainbow of shades will give you a rainbow of colors that will match your outfit and makeup.


Unicorn Hairstyle Blue
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Once you’ve mastered your colors, the next step in creating the unicorn hairstyle is to add some bright and colorful touches. You can choose to have a pink horn or tail, or to wear a light blue horn. The colors of your unicorn hairstyle can vary, and you can create your own combination. You can also choose a wig with a horn, or a ponytail.

Unicorn Hairstyle Ponytail
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The best part about a How to Do a Unicorn Hairstyle is that it can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. You can use a light blue or pink hair spray to create a pink-and-purple horn. Once you’ve chosen the colors, you can then start adding accents and accessories to your ponytail. You can create your own hat, but be sure to follow instructions carefully.

Unicorn Hairstyle Rainbow
Unicorn Hairstyle Rainbow © ©

Using a pink hair spray can help you create a unicorn hairstyle that fits your personality. If you’d prefer a pastel color, you can also apply a colorful ombre to your hair. If you’d prefer a more subtle look, you can leave some of the blonde and add a bright pink tint to the crown of your horn. In addition to a rainbow of colors, a How to Do a Unicorn Hairstyle can come in many different colors.

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