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Mens Hair Styles 2016

Mens Hair styles – Top Mens Hairstyles in 2016

Mens Hair styles in different types & textures of hair like Hairstyles for long, medium, short hair, thick and thin & shaped by your face: round, sqare, oval hair styles!

1920s men Hairstyles

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1920s men Hairstyles

There are many hair styles for men that you can choose from:

  • Men Hairstyles for long hair
  • Men Hairstyles for medium hair
  • Men Hairstyles for short hair
  • Men hairstyles for round faces
  • Men hairstyles for square faces
  • Men hairstyles for oblong faces
  • Hairstyles for mens with thick hair
  • Hairstyles for mens with thin hair

The human hair was from old times a wonderful gift given to us by nature, especially in our age when it comes to hairstyles. The “styling of hair” refers to a hairstyle, haircut or hairdo. Today we are going to talk about hairstyles for men. In our time especially men had become self-aware about their looks. Men’s hairstyles had become a thing for our new age and not only the women care about their hairstyle anymore. Mens hairstyles have developed a great and booming industry among hairstylists all over the world. In this article we will talk about the multiple factors on how to choose your best hairstyles for men.

Also you have to acknowledge that are different textures of hair, thick and thin.

Now we will talk about the best haircuts for men with thick hair but, let first establish what thick hair represent. A dense hair or a hair with high hair density looks sometimes voluminous and thick as a whole. Men with thick hair people with thick hair may consider a variety of types of haircuts: for long hair, medium hair or short hair.

For men that have thick hair, this texture guarantees them a great hairstyle. Most men with that type of hair want a style of haircut that don’t highlight their advantage because, they consider that their hair it’s enough voluminous. They have to choose a specific haircut for men with thick hair that bring them out the thickness and health of their hair. They must be guided to choose a sport haircut or an avant-garde haircut which is the best style for them. Haircuts that are gradually trimmed are great for thick hair because of the natural bulkiness of thick hair.

As for the actual short haircuts for thick hair, there are certainly some haircuts that are better suited for this particular density of hair. There are haircuts which offer a look of sharp edges like an old school haircut type so undercuts are not suitable for men with thick hair. Mens hairstyles for thick hair must have the undercut smoothed with a fast taper. For the taper haircut, the hair must be cut in a very sharp taper ideal for it is a clipper or shears taper.

Men with this hair texture must avoid fade haircuts, because fades cuts will have the strange effect of twisting all the hair in the top of the head. So, because of its bulk quality, removing length of this type of hair must be an advantage of each mens hairstyle for thick hair. Every man should look for short back and sides while the hair on top should have a short length like two inches to almost shaved. Having a thick hair must be a blessing for every man, because he can reconsider anytime his hairstyle and his look of course.

There are many types of men haircuts for thick hair and we exemplify some of the best: slicked back haircut, army haircut, for men with wavy hair- it’s ideal a sided hairstyle with long waves of hair or short, a comb over haircut can also offer a classic look for men with thick hair that want to give themselves a modern appearance and why not, as well a vintage look. For this type of hairstyles it is essential to use a wide range of products that protect hair and style at the same time gives the ideal look, like mousse, hair sprays, hair creams or styling wax.

For men with thin hair choosing a hairstyle can be a problem that comes especially with age, but with a properly haircut and hair products this disadvantage can be remedied.  People with thin hair shouldn’t approach mens hairstyles long and i.e. because will emphasize thinning hair, rather a short hairstyle will give a handsome and rich hair, if it’s arranged properly.

Mens hairstyles for thin hair can create a volume effect removing thinning hair easily. For example, a tapered short hair helped by a proper hair cream or gel, a curly hair defined by wax or a slick hairstyle with fringe slicked back and to a side maintained with styled wax or cream for a matt finish works very good for thin hair.

There’s nothing worse than to choose a haircut and you realize it does not fit your face shape. Every person is different and face shapes can vary. Some people will have to consider face shape more than others.

Haircuts trends change all the time, some men will look better according to face shape, so it is extremely important to consider this when choosing the next haircut.


There are a lot of mens hair styles for men depending on face shape

Men hairstyles for round faces

Oval face is considered the ideal shape for women, isn’t so for men. An oval face, generally fits any cut in any shape or length because it is proportionate and well balanced. The only thing to be avoided, if you have the oval face is a long fringe, as this may make your face look round.


Men hairstyles for square faces

Men with square shape of the face are associated with being strong and masculine. Strong jaw is definitely a characteristic of a square face and like oval, this shape of face fits a wide range of styles, but the hair around the hairline may look better if short edges. A short cut looks best and actually enhances facial features of this form.


Men hairstyles for oblong faces

This face shape is slightly larger than an oval face and it’s important to keep this in mind when choosing a haircut. Men should try to avoid too short cut hair on the side, if you want to keep the effect of length on top. This would increase the length needlessly face and make it look even longer than it is. A fringe is also proper for this shape of face.


Men hairstyles for round faces.

A proper hairstyle for a round face depends entirely on what features men want to highlight or hide. A round face has the angles, so it is important to choose a style that elongates features a little. There must not be something spiky, but a haircut that adding symmetrical volume at the same time. Try to avoid also the sharp haircuts because they emphasize the natural roundness of the face shape.

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