Hair Style for girls (Top 42 hairstyles)

Best Hair Style for girls

There are many hair style for girls that a girl can choose from: hairstyles for girls with long hair, medium hair, short hair, athletic, tiebacks etc.


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If you have a medium length hair and you cannot decide which haircut suits you based on your appearance we can help you choose some cool hairstyles for girls. Haircuts for medium hair offer  a wide range of possibilities to adapt the chosen hairstyle to any occasion and is a perfect solution for girls who want to maintain a long hair with feminine allure without losing much time in styling their hair.

Everybody knows that trends change from season to season and girls have so little time to identify themselves with their new look. When your hair is medium length most girls believe that there are only two options: seeking a haircut for short hair or waiting for their hair to grow. Fortunately, there are many hair style for girls with medium length hair which keep the classic allure.

Hair Style for girls in stairs

Spun haircuts like those used by Jennifer Aniston or Cameron Diaz provide a dynamic fluidity and freshness. Choose your stile if you have thick hair or if you have curly hair and want more control over your strands. This hairstyle is recommended for those with round and triangular face.

Hair Style for girls with Bob haircuts for medium length hair

If in the 20s, bob haircut knows his modest beginnings, since 1960, Vidal Sassoon, Bauhaus visionary stylist, reinvents and changes this haircut, giving it a geometric structure, a simple and clear line and nowadays specific feminine naturalness. This haircut for medium length hair looks good with a middle parting or side.  Hairstyles for girls with curly hair and medium length hair: Curly hair is well suited for medium length. It’s great if you have a round face because it will hide your face volume and highlight your image. Preferred by most girls with curly or wavy hair, this haircut for medium hair offers the possibility to arrange curls in a natural way. Let’s talk about hairstyles for girls with short hair. If you have short hair, then it’s a perfect opportunity to experience various forms of style. Lots of female Hollywood stars prefer this kind of hairstyle. The most influential short haircuts that remain even in 2015 are the one that were used throughout time by Kate Winslet, Emma Watson, Ginnifer Goodwin, Victoria Beckham, Charlize Theron or Rihanna. We will present you some of the best short hairstyles for girls. If you have short hair, you can choose for different hairstyles with simple shapes and natural textures. There are several directions, all keeping the same defining feature: lightness.  There are some cool hairstyles for girls out there. Now let’s talk about short hair hairstyles based on face shape.

Pixie Hair Style for girls is excellent for Oval, Square and Round-Shaped Faces

Popular in the 60’s and promoted by Hollywood stars like Mia Farrow or Audrey Hepburn the pixie haircut will offer you a sophisticated look. Although it seems easy to style, pixie haircut can be quite demanding.   So if you want to get a pixie you should be aware of some of this tips:  For a smooth transition, first select a bob. From that bob you can keep cutting your hair until you reach the pixie. Why Bob? Because from a bob haircut your hair will grow faster than a shorter haircut. Having short hair does not mean that your hair will be easy to maintain. Actually a short hair requires more attention than the long one because you should visit more often the hairstylist (every four or five weeks). Last thing that you have to do is don’t forget to adjust your makeup. Most girls which have short hair tend to exaggerate with their makeup, don’t do that. Less makeup the better.

Hair Style for girls with Square Face and short hair

Women with square face can choose from a variety of hairstyles because of their great structured face. They have to avoid the ponytail or braided tail haircut. These are the only types of haircuts or hairstyles that women with a square face should avoid. Short hair for square face is one of the most popular haircuts. Using this particular haircut you will highlight your smile and your checks and eyes.  The hairstyle for girls with long hair is the most popular long hair styles which girls are looking for. When hair is long, the way you arrange it depends only on your own choice, the options are endless. More importantly, however, we choose the right haircut, the style that represents us and make us to feel unique and perfect as we deserve. And even if some of you cannot imagine, long hair can be clipped so it can look good and not lose any volume. It’s a good thing that before opting for a particular haircut or another, to make an idea of ​​what styles of clothes you are wearing, what’s hot and mostly, what hairstyles for long hair fit your physiognomy and your hair color.One of the best hairstyles for girls with long hair is a simple pony tail. Catch this pony tail with an elastic in the top of the head and then pass a strand of hair over. Then catch it with a hair clip at head back, it would look aesthetic and chic. Another simple hairstyle for long hair is a loose tail. This hair styles for girls is classical. It’s so romantic and it fits if your hair is medium-long, we recommend you to go for it. Just braid your hair into a loose side braid and leave some long, curly bangs to be spotted. Top with a soft flowered scarf.This one it’s a little bit complex but the effect it’s awesome and it’s a good hairstyle for curly hair too. You can start with some side braids, wrap them around your head. Catch them with some small hair clips. The rest of your hair must be tied up in a messy looking bun where it can be added a small flower crown around it.  Now you’re ready to go for a walk.

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